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Dragon Anatomy Reference Sheet by KyriaDori Dragon Anatomy Reference Sheet :iconkyriadori:KyriaDori 5,135 130 Animation tutorial by MoonLightRose17 Animation tutorial :iconmoonlightrose17:MoonLightRose17 45 3
21 Tips for Writing Humor
21 Tips for Writing Humor
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 9 “Humor”

(Previous Tutorial)             (Next Tutorial)

“The secret to humor is surprise.”
There are many theories as to the nature, science, and reason for humor. It's an element of human behavior that seems objective in the skill that is requi
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 226 19
Waiting on the Rain
It always rained on Lorakast. Something about the orbital distance or screwy atmospheric modeling, they’d said in the preliminary report on the way here, but there had to be more to it than that. Years in the business had taught Rell that much. She watched the rain pattering and pinging off the thick window that separated her from death by hypoxia and wondered where they’d gone wrong. Interplanetary Resources Incorporated only sent upper-level inspectors like herself when something had gone wrong, so it was her first assumption. But the colonial governor wasn’t cooperating, and that made things tricky.
She’d been in situations like this before. There was the riot a couple years ago, where the Thevashi ambassador had thrown such a fit over IRI’s installation on Gasin b that only the threat of RSA navy support had called off what promised to be a slugfest in orbit between prospector escorts and a surprisingly large contingent of alien scouts and their human
:icondefaultking:defaultking 38 19
Mature content
The Bounty :iconblizzardblitzer:BlizzardBlitzer 57 25
Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through D.A.
All the creatures were stirring. They were on holiday!
A cold winter's night, with some days off for break's
The perfect time for artists to cure those art-aches.
The artists were nestled with the tools of their station,
With scrolling hands ready to find inspiration.
There was one young artist logging on with a smile
To sit back and think of what they hadn't in a while.
'Twas 10 years to the day since they'd made this account.
If they'd only known then what surprises would mount.
The features, the layouts, the widgets, the glee,
the DeviantMeets, the app, and the community.
In a world brimming with art, competition seems tough,
and it's easy -- alone -- to feel not good enough.
But the community on DeviantArt is so vast,
A new artist is kindred, without needing to ask.
One's watchers bring support, encouragement, praise,
criticism with care, a rare sight these days.
And then there are artists you yourself get to find
who bring in
:iconheidi:Heidi 3,320 8,778
Easy Noses by DariaCerberus Easy Noses :icondariacerberus:DariaCerberus 104 2
Miles to Go
“Can you move your leg over the edge of your bed?”
Already it’s been roughly two weeks since my rail platform accident. Still I’m bedridden, still my left leg is all plaster and bandages, and already I’m growing dangerously thin by comparison to my usually slim build.
I concentrate all of my energy into moving my leg. That’s when the excruciating pain quite literally kicks in, taking the form of a spontaneous muscle spasm.
I don’t flash back completely, but my leg does. I feel terrified and am ashamed when I break down crying with childlike abandon. But Jessica doesn’t scold me the way the therapist in the hospital did. Her voice, colored by a hearty Michigan accent, contains realism and optimism in equal measure.
“That’s all I need from you today,” she says, placing one hand on my shoulder and one on my leg. “I just wanted to see where you’re at.”
:iconhopeburnsblue:hopeburnsblue 107 74
The Faithful
It had been a peaceful love. The radio remained bleating while Natasha gripped Vince’s arm, huddled underneath their home. A bomb shelter. 2300. Russians approaching any moment. Nuclear weapons imminent. Remember protocol. Remember duck and cover. Remember.
The Cold War was one of intimidation, or at least, that’s what Natasha believed. Twisting the rags so that it could rid itself of food stains, she continued cleaning the dishes. Vince had a career at the capitol, and every Monday, would return home with roses and intel. Telling stories of McCarthyism, the communists, the Russians. Natasha shook her head, placing the dishes into the cabinets. It was all speculation.
The war pressed onwards. Natasha always played the radio. She played it, so she knew just the right way to fall behind benches and tables and furniture. She’d perfected, in a little under a year, how to collapse with poise, an
:iconsaevuswinds:saevuswinds 38 37
A Haunted Night
The last drop of black coffee fell into the pot of her coffee machine. She took it, impatiently poured the coffee into her cup. Then she returned to her desk, her hands shaking but now both wrapped around the warm cup with the picture of a little kitten on it.
It was dark outside. Cold. The wind was rustling the few leaves that still remained on the shadowy trees. She closed her eyes and pictured the cold on her skin, and the wet smell she loved about autumn. Rotting leaves, earth and wood. Frail white traces of frost on the ground in the earliest hours of morning.
She shivered and took a sip of coffee. It would warm her up from the inside, although she knew only too well that the cold she felt was a different one and no coffee, no blanket and no fire would be able to push it away.
Her gaze drifted across the wall in front of her, covered as it was with sticky-notes, hand-drawn pictures, photographs, maps and pages torn out of several books. A wall filled with thoughts and chaos. Her r
:iconsela01:Sela01 72 40
The most valuable writing lessons I know
So lately, someone has been continually asking me "how do I write" and a lot of other people have asked me similar questions - "how do I write a book?" "how do I make my characters interesting?" "How do I know that I'm writing well" and so on. I could make a tutorial on how to write a book. Hell, I could write a book on how to write a book. Hundred of people already have. What that would do, I think, is bog people down with a lot of details that they may or may not need. Instead, I think I'll share some of the most important things that I've learned that has helped me with the process and become better than I have ever been.
Lesson #1: Don't Wait for Inspiration
This is the most common excuse that I've heard for people who want to do any kind of art - I'm just waiting to get inspired. If you wait for inspiration before you start writing you will die... never having written anything. That may be a slight exaggeration, but in my experience, the inspiration comes from the wr
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 414 55
MANGA to REALISTIC: PART SEVEN by FOERVRAENGD MANGA to REALISTIC: PART SEVEN :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 5,240 205 95 TUTORIALS by biag 95 TUTORIALS :iconbiag:biag 4,352 249 Dark Souls III - Fire Keeper by ver1sa Dark Souls III - Fire Keeper :iconver1sa:ver1sa 1,357 72 Animation loop by UnidColor Animation loop :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 588 49 Animation practice by UnidColor Animation practice :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 352 43



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